Spooky Nights Await on Galveston Island

The spookiest night of the year is upon us with goblins, witches and ghouls making their presence known around the country. A quick trip to Galveston can give you the thrills and chills you seek regardless of the time of year. Take a ghost tour and enjoy the fright.

Dash Beardsley

After using transportation from Hobby Airport to Galveston, you can find the Dash Beardsley Ghost Tours of Galveston. Located on the Strand, the popular ghost tour uses real resident accounts and research to create spooky tours exploring the city’s haunting past. Revel in the rich history and haunting events while on the two-hour tour. Explore the Old City Cemetery, take a tram on the Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour or be horrified by the Restless Spirit Tour.

Cemetery Tours

Few tours can be as spooky as walking through a cemetery at night. Discover the people and history of the Broadway Cemeteries with native islander Linda McBee at Galveston Cemetery Tours. Learn about the heroes of the Civil War and 18th Century Texans or simply look at the variety of tombstones and their history. Unusual death stories can bring your imagination to life.

Graveyard Tours

Hear the ghoulish details on Galveston Graveyard Tours. The walking tour discusses the most famous deaths on the island. The ghost stories are woven into the history of the area from the cemeteries to the funeral practices of the past. These tours are limited to a max of 50.

Historic Galveston

The past has a way of unlocking the secrets beneath the pretty façade. One of those secrets goes bump in the night. The ethereal moans of a specter or the shadows playing on the wall send chills up your spine at the mere thought. Historic Galveston Ghost Tours clues you in on over 150 years of scary secrets sure to keep you up at night.